Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Gravity of the Situation

Rest in peace, Vic Chesnutt.

I first heard his singular voice on Sweet Relief II: The Gravity of the Situation, a tribute album with covers of his songs by artists such as Garbage, Nanci Griffith, REM, Soul Asylum and Victoria Williams, who sang with him on "God Is Good." It was the second album benefiting Sweet Relief, the non-profit organization that exists to help musicians without health insurance.

A paraplegic since he was injured in a car accident at the age of 18, Vic battled deep depression and most recently wrote about his obsession with suicide in the song "Flirted With You All My Life."

I am a man. I am self-aware, and everywhere I go, you're always right there with me. I've flirted with you all my life, even kissed you once or twice, and to this day, I swear it was nice, but clearly I was not ready.

When you touched a friend of mine, I thought I would lose my mind, but I found out with time that really, I was not ready, no, no, cold death, cold death, oh death, really, I'm not ready.

I guess he finally was ready. After overdosing on pain meds, he passed away on Christmas Day.

His close friend and fellow musician Kristin Hersh has set up a website to take donations to help his family. Check it out here.

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