Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm writing from Denver, where I'm enjoying the Evangelical Covenant's Connect10n, a weekend focusing on Worship, Youth and Compassion, Mercy & Justice Ministries. Things kicked off yesterday morning at the Hard Rock Cafe for breakfast and an opening session. We've had great seminars (Andrew Thompson's was especially encouraging), and main sessions with Soong-Chan Rah (who is also acting as the host for the event), Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institure and Sunil Sardar of Truthseekers International.

Stephen Kelly and the University Ministries Worship Team from North Park are leading me to the throne of God in every session... They are an anointed, powerful group of musicians and leaders giving glory to God... There was a song this morning I have to get. I think Stephen wrote it... "Hear Our Prayer" - It was amazing.

I was having lunch with Denise McKinney, Ryan Myers and Evan Gundy from Redeemer yesterday, and I was telling them the story of how I was completely "converted" to an egalitarian perspective on women in ministry last year when Judy Peterson preached. (I blogged about it here.) Anyway, immediately after I finished telling this story, she walked into the restaurant. I was able to share that story with her, and I loved her response. She said she has never made "women in ministry" something that she focuses on or preaches about. She simply does what God has called her to and allows the fruit to speak for itself. It's working, as far as I'm concerned. The beautiful fruit of the Spirit that flows from her calling, giftedness and obedience is compelling evidence of God's plans and purposes.

I'm staying with my amazing friend Tony Gapastione, and I'm enjoying so much connecting with old friends and making new ones. My Redeemer friends have a new nickname for me that they, apparently, have been using behind my back... It was revealed to me this morning: "Captain Covenant." I love it.

More later!


Jenny said...

Love that Judy changed your perspective on women in ministry. :) She's pretty great.

GinnyO said...

Thanks for blogging and tweeting. It makes it easier not being able to be there. Are you and Tony Gap are the only 2 tweeters there?

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