Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Gonna Leave You Stranded

Buy the "Hope for Haiti Now" album - 20 tracks for only $7.99 on iTunes or Amazon. It's already raised over $33 Million. (And it's the first digital album to ever reach #1 on the Billboard charts!)

Remember, there are other ways we can help too. I read somewhere that giving money is still the best way we can help. Every dollar we donate translates to seven dollars on the ground in Haiti. Give through One Day's Wages or Covenant World Relief (which has raised almost $500,000 so far). Give through the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army or your local church. Just give.

This is my favorite track from the project. I could listen to this all day. My heart continues to be broken for Haiti.

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glenn said...

Matt - i've still been following Shaun King on Twitter and also checking Heartline Ministries in Haiti to remind me that there are still such serious needs there! - Jenn Wong

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