Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tweet Tweet

I'm addicted to Twitter. It's official. 2009 was the year I gave in. I installed TweetDeck on my MacBook Pro and my desktop at work. I bought Twee for my Palm Prē. I learned about #hashtags and @replies and D direct messages. I contributed to #FollowFriday and #MusicMonday. I started publishing my #SundaySets so people would know the songs we were going to do in worship.

I set it up so my tweets would import into Facebook as status updates, and people assumed I did nothing but play on Facebook, when in reality I rarely got on Facebook any more.

And my world expanded. (Follow me

N.T. Wright,
who I think is a great man and a great theologian, recently posted a video on the "Out of Ur" blog talking about how all this social media can be dangerous. He says it can make us isolated and withdrawn from reality. And I think he's got some really good points. Julie Clawson, over on the Sojourners Culture Watch blog, has a great rebuttal, though, and makes the point that all of this social media is actually making us more relational, more connected to other real, live people.

All I can say is that Twitter, although it can definitely be a time-waster, has kept me connected to friends all over the country, and even the world. And it's helped me make new friends and contacts. I've talked with authors and musicians through Twitter, and I've acquired cool things like CDs (from Erin McKeown) and concert tickets (for Wilco & "Three Girls and Their Buddy").

By using the "RT" (re-tweet) feature, you can help promote people and things that you think are worth checking out. I saw the power of this feature this afternoon when über-tweeter Demi Moore (
@mrskutcher) actually RT'd a tweet from a great charity I've profiled here, One Day's Wages (@OneDaysWages). I'm hoping that level of promotion really gives them a great boost.

How about you? What's your experience with social media? Facebook? Twitter? Do you use them? Do you love them? Hate them?

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victoria said...

I love twitter and I agree; I think it opens up new relationships and new connections. I still don't understand much of twitter but there have been people that follow me and I looked into them and clicked on their blog link and now read their blog, a blog that I'd perhaps never have known about if it wasn't for twitter. Also through twitter and blogs I've been exposed to new music, new books, etc.

I'm so addicted. I know there are good things and bad but that's how it is with all things.

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