Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Conversation with Suzanne Vega

It may have been a short conversation, but it was a conversation:

ME: @suzannevega @suzyv I'm confused... Do you have 2 Twitter accounts now? Which one is the real you? :)

SUZANNE : @mattnightingale this the real me. I think my management also has one. What's the other one? I'll follow my fake self.

ME: @suzyv 1) Wow... Can't believe I'm chatting with SV for real! Love you and your music SO much. 2) The other is @suzannevega.

SUZANNE : @mattnightingale thanks! That was quick

SUZANNE : @mattnightingale management takes my tweets and reposts them and they also add info like shows and interviews etc

ME: @suzyv got it. well it's cool to know that this is the real you. :) thanks for being accessible to your fans! very cool...

SUZANNE : @mattnightingale yr welcome

Yet another reason I love Twitter. Follow Suzanne here. Download her beautiful new album here. Check out her website here.


Kim said...

Haha!! Excellent!!

Uppity Disability said...

I went to five separate suzanne vega shows when she was in maine a few weekends back. Monday morning she found me and sent me a few notes via twitter - it kinda restored my faith in humanity

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