Monday, February 15, 2010

Wanna Produce the Next "Screwtape Letters"?

I recently blogged about my friend Tony, who is attempting to live out his faith in the world of the arts. Here's a follow-up email that I recently received from him that I think sums up his heart… This is a possible way for us to be involved in his ministry as well, either financially or in prayer support. Obviously #2 is no longer an option, but you can still read and participate in other ways.

Hey Friends, (I'm emailing from beautiful, cold-windy Colorado!)

DO YOU LIKE FILM? ARE YOU SOMEONE WHO PRAYS? (It's a long, detailed email but please read :)

I want to tell you about a ministry called INSIDE THE TRUTH that I am working with. I am emailing YOU cause #1-I know you are a great supporter of the arts, #2-God has gifted you to give generously, #3-I can trust you to pray and #4-I like you and want you to know what's up!

I am working on a short film called “Interview with the Devil.” It’s a 12-minute film that is something like CS Lewis’s “Screwtape Letters.” The story revolves around a young journalist who gets an interview with Satan. I am very excited about this piece. It's going to go to film festivals but also will be a great piece to use in ministry contexts, too (i.e. in a worship gathering or youth experience). It's entertaining and good theology.

Here are three things I need and hope you will consider/pray for!

1-Would you like to donate? I know God has gifted some of us to be able to give generously! I am hoping to connect people as I am helping to raise funds for the film, partly because I am involved with it, and Inside the Truth- this non-profit producing it- has fees to pay because they are using me as an actor. ☺(I am in the Screen Actors Guild and it’s mandated rules). I am also raising funds because I really believe in the project. I've also got to help re-write some of script and help the producer (see # 2 & 3 below), too. I am committed to raise $1000 for them. They are getting a lot donated—including the actual film (yes actual film, not digital) and crew! But there are costs that need to be covered (developing film,etc). Would you want to invest? Even as little as $10-$25 would help. But if you can give more, that would be awesome! PAYPAL OR ANY CREDIT CARD accepted.

You can give online- Just go to the bottom of the page on this site (It's TAX DEDUCTIBLE):

2-We are also looking for professional adults who can BE IN THE FILM! The film is set in an office building, the Devil’s office. We need people who look like Wall Street professional executive types (or people can act like it), Suits, pant suits, ties and dress up office wear. If you are free Saturday February 6th and Sunday Feb 7th) and can come to Santa Clara CA, let me know! THERE ARE NO LINES, but you would be extras! It’s a fun experience! I need about ten people and I am looking for a diverse cast of people (multi-ethnic, age and gender)! So if you know anyone else who’d like to get involved, especially those who are actor-types--send them to me and I'll pass them to the producer! Also need some volunteer crew for lighting on Sunday.

3-Also I am looking for a team of people to pray during the shoot. The film is very deep and focused on the ways of Satan and demonic strategy (like Screwtape letters). I am playing the Devil and I would love spiritual protection as I play "the enemy," it's bit grueling emotionally as I scheme and manipulate. If you would like to come to set and pray for a few hours during the shoot, let me know. I want to have a group praying at all times we are shooting. Many of the crew are Jesus followers which is great, but many are not, so there are also sweet opportunities to partner with God!

Let me know! If you have questions, I’d love to answer. If you know anyone else who'd like to support in any of these ways let me know. Thanks!

Tony Gapastione
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