Monday, March 1, 2010

The Curious Life of the La-La Song

It's happening again... My 14-year-old song is finding new life. It's certainly been the most "gregarious" of my children, as Joni Mitchell might say.

I've already blogged about how this song came to be written here, but I'll post it again:
Ah, the La-La song. This is my big hit, my radio single, my movie soundtrack song… Back in 1998, I had the verses written, but I had nothing to hold it together, so it just sat there. One night I saw Sarah Jahn in concert at Grace College, and she played a song where the chorus consisted of singing, but without words… I thought, “Who needs words? I could do that too!” Later, with 40 Miles North (back when they were still just Jeremiah and Marcie) jamming in my living room, Jeremiah played the progression while I experimented with melodies. When I hit on this "la la" progression, we all stopped and said, “Well, that was it!” A demo version of this song, with just Jeremiah on guitar and me on vocals, actually charted on WFRN, a large Christian radio station in Elkhart, Indiana.

When I re-recorded it for my album, Still Standing, it found some more success on internet radio through, charting at #1 for a short time on their charts and making it onto their first compilation disc. It was played on little indie stations all over the country. I remember being in Texas and driving by a station that was playing my music. I called them and did an interview right on the spot. It was also used for an indie film made by a Stanford student, Jessica Scalise, called "Cat Fight." Luanne and I went out to the premiere… It was so jarring to hear my voice bust out in the middle of the film!

And all this from a seemingly innocuous little ditty about an encounter with God.
I had forgotten about this, but a few years ago I was contacted by a Korean company who wanted to try to use my music in advertising in Asian countries. I gave them permission to pitch my songs. (I can only assume that this was a result of their efforts!) Anyway, I was recently contacted by them again, and it turns out that a Korean drama, Iris, is going to use the song when they re-dub the series and release it in Japan! How cool is that? I'm really excited about this opportunity, and my album is now going to be digitally distributed throughout Asia as well.

Here's a video of me doing the song at Hume Lake a couple of years ago (with a killer band - Ugur Taner and David Greco on guitar, Matt Henderson on drums and Carlos Silva on bass):

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