Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Kind of Christianity: The Jesus Question

This is the fourth post in a ten-week series on Brian McLaren's new book, "A New Kind of Christianity." I got the book as part of The Ooze's Viral Bloggers program, and I'm one of many bloggers currently working through the book and entering into dialogue about it. The subtitle of the book is "Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith," and I'm dealing with a different question each week.

It's been an amazingly busy week, and I don't have time today to dive into all of my thoughts around this question, but here's the video. See what you think!

Study questions for "The Jesus Question" here. Enjoy the discussion!

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Pen and View said...

I'll be the first to leave a comment Matt. :) Loved his description of how people read the Bible. So true, so true.
Also good to see Brian say that Jesus is the Word and that the highest revelation of God was in his son. Amen. Ought we then to focus more on how Jesus lived rather than focusing on the Law which was made obsolete (as the Hebrews author says) through Christ's death and resurrection? Such a basic thing but seriously, after being in churches all my life I find myself surrounded by a lot of Law followers, rather than Jesus followers...

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