Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jennifer Knapp & Derek Webb at the Cain's

I haven't been blogging much lately... I'm way too busy, and frankly, blogging had been eating up way too much of the time I should have using for other, more important things. So rather than try to write a brilliant review of the Jennifer Knapp/Derek Webb/Amy Courts show here, I'll just hit a couple of the highlights and then link to some more information:
  • Hanson was there. Yes, Hanson. Isaac and Taylor at least. They jumped up with Derek to sing "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" at the end of his set.
  • The crowd was so small (maybe 150) that the show was not held at the Cain's Ballroom after all, but at the bar next door instead. I have no idea why ticket sales were so low. Maybe because Jennifer came out as a lesbian two days prior to the show? No idea. I preferred the venue. It was an all-acoustic show... just voice and guitar. The small venue was great. Plus we got to sit down. :)
  • It was a very supportive crowd. People seemed genuinely glad to have Jennifer back, and she seemed genuinely glad to be received so warmly.
  • The music was amazing. Period. Amy did a great job with her three songs. Derek was awesome as always. Jennifer rocked. Amazing voice, presence and guitar skills.
  • Lyrics, as you can imagine, had all kinds of new significance. I'm really glad she sang oldies like "Whole Again," "Martyrs and Thieves" and "A Little More," but it was really hard to listen without reading into the lyrics like mad. And I am almost positive she got a little choked up during the first chorus of "Martyrs...": So turn on the light and reveal all the glory. I am not afraid to bare all my weakness, knowing in meekness I have a kingdom to gain where there is peace and love in the light, in the light. Oh I am not afraid to let Your light shine bright in my life, in my life... Judge for yourself here.)
  • The new songs rock. I've had a copy of the new record, Letting Go, for a couple of months, and I think it's some of her strongest work. No, it's not a "Christian" album. But it is infused with spirituality and a seemingly deep yearning for truth and God. It's well worth a listen.
Thanks to joshua4578, we have some Youtube footage of the show. Check it out here.

Here's a review from Tulsa Today. Great photos!

Excellent article from He interviews Nathan Albert from The Marin Foundation, and I couldn't agree with his thoughts more. My favorite quote: "There is a difference between validation and affirmation; standing with doesn’t mean affirmation of. We can stand with people even though we may not affirm their actions or beliefs. I stand with my non-Christian friends even though I do not affirm certain political views or their private lives. So too should we stand with Jennifer Knapp and others who have had similar experiences."

One more newsflash: Tomorrow night Jen will be on Larry King Live - along with Ted Haggard, Clay Aiken and Pastor Bob Botsford. Should be very interesting. And maybe surprising. Jen just tweeted, "Deeply impressed by T. Haggard on Larry King set." Wow... Maybe the two of them won't square off like I expected them to.

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