Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching Up

Huh, look at that. It's September 27. I'm 39 years old now, and I'm already into my second year here in Tulsa. For a while there, I was trying to blog every day. That's just a dim memory now... So why the writer's block? I think there's been so much going on, and I've wanted to get all caught up, make sure that everything I've done was noted somehow...

Why? I don't know. Immortality through Blogspot? Anyway, what follows is a simple list. That (I think) I can pull off... and then maybe I can move forward, unencumbered by months of "Oooh... I should blog about that!" regret.
  • I've been singing with a local cover band called Pandemic. It's so much fun... I've always wanted to be in a band like this. It opens up great opportunities to meet people outside the walls of the church and move in completely different circles than those normally occupied by pastor-types. We've played some pretty cool gigs in the last several months, including the Rock -N- Ribs Festival at the BOK Center and the Summer's 5th Night series at Utica Square.
  • We had an incredibly busy and wonderful June at Redeemer, starting with our Vacation Bible School. The next week was our "Dreambuilders" Rhythm & Arts Camp with low-income kids at Mark Twain Elementary School in West Tulsa. I did a "GLEE" club, and it was a dream come true for me.
  • We had a really fun month of visits by people we love a lot... We got to host my sister, Sarah, and her family; Luanne's mom and dad; and Luanne's brother, Dominic, and his family (on their big cross-country move from Simi Valley, California, to Nashville)! And after all that was over, we got to host Nate Bartoshuk, one of Jacob's best friends from our old home in Redwood City, California.
  • While Nate was here in July, we took the family on a short vacation to Dallas. We spent a day at Six Flags Over Texas and a day at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (water park next door). We went to a Rangers baseball game and visited with Luanne's old friends from Simi Valley, Carolyn Stults and her kids and grandkids.
  • Like everyone else, I saw Inception and loved it.
  • We have had a couple of Sunday night worship services at Redeemer. I'm really excited about the possibilities of moving forward on Sunday nights with a new format. And I must confess, I am having Sunday At 6 flashbacks and hoping we can capture some of that experience here in T-Town!
  • Luanne and I had an amazing experience this summer. ALL FOUR kids went to New Life Ranch at the same time! We both ended up working most of that time, but just to havd the house to ourselves was pretty nice. Grateful for that space and time together!
  • This one really deserves a post of its own, but... Our friend and Josh's former youth pastor, Michael "Slim" Wilton, broke his neck in a diving accident on July 10. He and his wife, Sheena, have been our thoughts and prayers as they begin a very different life together than they had ever imagined. Please join us in pray and support for them!
  • School has started again! I'm taking another seminary class through North Park (Christian Theology), Josh is a sophomore, Jacob is a seventh-grader, and Emily & Zach are third-graders, all in the Jenks school system.
  • Luanne is working full-time now at Trak-1 Technology, and of course I'm still at Redeemer Covenant. We live very busy lives!
  • Zach is playing soccer with Metro Tulsa Soccer, and Emily is doing gymnastics at Tulsa World of Gymnastics. Jake is playing percussion in the band, and Josh is running track at the high school.
So... Now that all THAT's out there... I wonder if I'll ever post again?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

9 x 2

Happy Birthday, Emily Grace & Zachary Joseph! Can you really be nine years old already?

(You can check out previous birthday pics here, here and here!)

And of course, like always since this day in 2007, Happy Birthday to Cousin Ellie, too!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Encouraging Note

Got this in my Facebook inbox the other day:

Matt, appreciate your commitment to your faith and wrestling with that faith. I've missed your blog entries, since, while I don't always agree with everything you put down, you remain faithful to what you believe and are doing so in a way that speaks clearly of your belief in and following of Christ as Savior. Just wanted to say thanks for staying faithful.

Wow. What an incredibly encouraging note. I realize I have not posted much this summer... OK, not really at all, save some family photos on special days. Work, family, seminary and much more have conspired to take away whatever energy and attention I had reserved for regular blogging. I know I owe some posts to some people... and I'll get to them soon.
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