Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebration of Freedom

Last night my family held hands around my computer and prayed as they started bringing the miners to the surface. Wasn't it incredible? As they brought the first man, Florencio Avalos, to the surface and his son started bawling, I gotta admit there were some tears in my eyes too.

A friend of mine on Facebook just said, "I was cynical about the Chilean president photo-opping at the rescue at the beginning but have mad respect that he stayed the whole 24+ hrs." I agree. One of my choir members at Redeemer was talking about this tonight. He and his family were missionaries in Chile for many years, and he talked about the incredible unity of the Chilean people. He said that was one of their most highly valued national traits... the ability to pull together and be unified in the face of danger or hardship.

Last night on Facebook Chris Seay said something that's been on my mind all day. As we rejoice with our brothers and sisters in Chile, let us not forget that we have been freed too. Freed from the darkness and bondage of sin, brought into the glorious light of Jesus Christ.

Grateful tonight for freedom.

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