Saturday, October 2, 2010

To Save A Life

Perhaps we've reached the tipping point in this dialogue. All I know is that something must change. I don't care about your or my theological/biblical/philosophical thoughts on the "issue" of homosexuality. We can certainly have those thoughts, and we can discuss them peacefully and lovingly.

What must begin NOW - especially among us Christians! - is to stand up against the persecution of LGBTQ people. Because that's what they are: people. Just like you and me.

Lots of people have written about it. Here are Eugene Cho's thoughts. Here are Jay Phelan's. Here's Ellen's video:

Let's agree, people of faith, to get involved in actively loving the LGBTQ people who are all around us, every day. Support The Marin Foundation. Read Love Is An Orientation. Speak up when people around you use derogatory terms like "fag" or say "That's so gay." You may save a life. Maybe it'll be your own daughter or son's.

One final thought: I'm praying tonight for Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei too. What a terrible burden to bear for these young people. Their whole lives are ahead of them, and they will forever be marked, forever shunned and hated for their roles in this tragedy. May God grant them peace, forgiveness and healing as they seek him.


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Monk-in-Training said...

each person bears the Imago Dei and is worthy of respect. I applaud your post, and I hope this attitude becomes more common among Christians

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