Friday, November 12, 2010

A Prayer for Children

It's been an awful week here in Tulsa. Sick things in the news. Children killed and abused in monstrous ways. Trust destroyed. Hearts broken. In our staff prayer meeting yesterday, we prayed and cried out to the Lord on behalf of these precious children and their families... and our own children. It's a scary world out there sometimes. Sin-sick. Broken.
Sometimes all we can do is cry and somehow hang on to hope that God will make it all right someday. And do our part in the meantime to make this a more just and loving world. Child abuse is not OK. Child sex trafficking must be stopped. Lord, have mercy.
Here's a song I wrote for Josh years ago that sums up how I'm feeling about all this today:

Oh My Child
Music & Lyrics: Matt Nightingale
from the album "Still Standing"
For Joshua Matthew, Jacob Connor, Emily Grace and Zachary Joseph.

(Download the album for free or whatever you want to pay over at NoiseTrade. Widget to the right. ----->)

Oh my child, I am trying to raise you well
Oh my child, so far so good, but who can tell
Cuz the world is a violent, empty place
They don’t care about you and your precious face
Not really, not really

Oh my child, be strong and courageous
All around you, heaven knows, there’s a battle that rages
And the angels are fighting for your soul
And your daddy is praying that you will know
The Father, the Father

Big blue eyes and busy hands
You’ll grow up as time demands
How many days, how great the cost
Till I look in your eyes and see innocence lost

Oh my child, I am only human too
And I know any minute now I am going to fail you
And I hope you’ll remember how I love you
And that I was an innocent child like you
Long ago, not long ago

Big blue eyes and busy hands
You’ll grow up as time demands
How many days, how great the cost
Till I look in your eyes and see innocence lost

Oh my child, how I long for what’s to come
All the violent, empty things will finally come undone
And from Eden to Golgotha to Kingdom Come
All Creation is groaning, “Thy will be done”
Oh rest in that, Oh rest in Him

Oh Joshua, rest in Him
Oh Jacob, rest in Him
Oh Emily, rest in Him
Oh Zachary, rest in Him

Oh Father, Thy will be done

© 1998 A Little Nightingale Music (ASCAP)
Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

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