Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Worship Leaders & Planners... Need Your Help!

I'm putting together a workshop for my denomination's annual pastor's conference in February. Here's the official description, from the Midwinter 2011 website:

204 | Better Together: Worship Planning in Our Diverse Denomination

Our vibrant denomination includes churches of nearly all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and approaches to planning and leading worship. This interactive workshop will focus on several "case study" churches while inviting participants to share experiences from their own unique perspectives in an attempt to foster learning, connection, communication, and resourcing within our Covenant worship community.

My vision is to create video profiles of 4-5 churches within the Covenant. We're talking to several different "types" of churches in an attempt to capture many differing approaches to worship planning... from a megachurch with a large worship staff to a small church that utilizes laypeople extensively. We'll be looking at other types of diversity too, engaging worship planners from ethnic and multi-ethnic churches, liturgical and decidedly non-liturgical churches. These videos will be shown, and a representative from that ministry will speak and answer questions about their approach. Participants will interact with the church leader and in small groups. I will simply act as facilitator... encouraging interaction and keeping things on track.

My question for you today: Worship leaders, pastors, planners... What would YOU ask? We're preparing to produce these videos, and I need to come up with interview questions for these teams to answer.

My sense is to simply ask them to describe and explain their process, from start to finish. But what specifically would YOU ask? What questions and problems are YOU experiencing in your worship planning?

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Chris said...

Hi Matt - someone sent me a link to your post.

Here are some rapid fire thoughts -

Who has final say on a creative element?

How much time are you spending with your pastor during an average week?

What mainstream/secular sources do you use for inspiration?

What magazines subscriptions do you have?

Is there an intentional balance between programming for the lifelong churchgoer and the first-time visitor? What kinds of elements do you include in your services to comfort and challenge people on both ends of that spectrum?

How important is the welcome/call to worship/first thing you say as part of the service? How much thought is giving to that part of the morning?

How do you balance the scheduling vs. spontaneity struggle that can come up in service planning?

Maybe one of those is helpful.


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