Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Transformation, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the amazing work of transformation God does in people's lives, and how Redeemer folks lined up to share about it Sunday night. I really thought about adding a second "cardboard testimony" to the lineup. If I had, it might have read something like this:

Then: 240...
Now: 163. Maintaining a healthy body weight for the first time in my adult life.

That, my friends, is some kind of miracle. I haven't talked about it here at all, but I have undergone a pretty radical transformation in the last year. In fact, it was one year ago today that I decided to surrender my life and my will to God in the area of food. I radically changed the way I ate. I got input from a doctor and a nutritionist. I chose a food plan. And I haven't deviated from it, not even once, for 365 days now.

But here's the deal. I don't do this on my own. It's not that I'm just so amazing and disciplined. No, I have a lot of support and encouragement and accountability from other people. And, more than anything, I have an amazingly gracious Father who loves me and wants the best for me. And as I surrender to Him every day, He gives me the strength to make these healthy choices.

Here I was back on Father's Day in 2010, pretty miserable at approximately 235 pounds (although Emily was pretty wonderful). My face says it all - and you can't even see my body here!

And here I was on May 14, after finishing the Full Moon Run in 28:10. Feeling really healthy and happy.

And here I was right around Father's Day 2011 with my kiddos. What an amazing difference a year can make.

I break my silence on this whole topic today out of gratitude. Gratitude for health and life, gratitude for the willingness to finally surrender. Gratitude for a great plan to follow and great people to walk the road with me. And gratitude for a loving God who is the Center of it all.

I haven't talked about the specifics of my plan... The internet doesn't need one more guy giving his advice on how to lose weight or get healthy. But I am happy to talk to you about it one-on-one if you want more information. You can contact me via email or Facebook.


Bruce Crews said...

I found you via Bryan Allain's blog today, and am thankful I did. I am about a third of the way thru my transformation, and so enjoy reading other people's success stories.

Congrats man - you look great, and I know you feel even better. Welcome to a whole new world.

David Santistevan said...

Matt, this is incredible! Way to go. Any insight into your diet? I've found that people can't stick with a plan as long you did because the diet isn't sustainable, you know?

jason cabler said...

I found you through Bryan Allain too. Your story applies so well to what I blog about (Christian personal finance)because you finally have to decide to get fed up with what has gotten to be "normal" in your life but is making you unhealthy and unhappy. When getting out of debt and changing your financial habits you have to be just as disciplined and have support that will help you achieve your goals. Hope you'll check me out at

Chris said...

Awsome story man.

Matt Nightingale said...

Thanks, Everyone! I appreciate the encouragement and feedback!

Yes, Bruce, I feel great. This whole year has been less about weight loss (although honestly it did start out all about that) and more about peace of mind, wellness, general health and fitness, and connection to God.

David, I don't want to get into specifics here on the blog, but happy to talk with you via email or FB. I linked to my contact info in my post.

Jason, I'll check out your blog. Yes, as I've learned to surrender my body to God in this way, other areas are certainly impacted... It's all interrelated.

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