Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Stomp, More Holler

I'm excited to share some videos from Stomp & Holler. This is a new children's rhythm and vocal music program I'm running (along with my wife Luanne and our friend Jeff Porter) here in Tulsa. If your K-6th grade student is interested in joining us, we'll be back February 8. Cost is only $10 for 10 weeks of instruction and a t-shirt! We're working on performance opportunities for these kids too, so if you know a place we can perform, let me know! We wanna take over Tulsa!

To start, here's one of my favorite raps... the ever-popular "Guacamole":

Here's Jeff leading a De La Soul (!) routine:

And a Congolese (I think) song:

Here are the little ones doing a "mini-stomp" routine with Miss Luanne:

And finally, here are our two big finale numbers, Katy Perry's "Firework" and P!nk's "Perfect":

Hope you enjoy these kids as much as I have! Subscribe to our Youtube channel, and "Like" us on Facebook!

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